Good Pubs and Great Pubs in and Around the Diss Area


Published: 09/07/2012



If you are like me and have a passion for good food then you may be interested to read about my thoughts on a local place I love to eat at when I’m not cooking myself.

Based only two miles from the centre of Diss in Sleepy old Burston is a pub that, looks pictures’s as you approach it in the car, or if you are feeling energetic via the bike or walking.  It has a fantastic character that is not just from the building but also the character of the people that run it.  Yesterday as I pushed my thumb down on the metal latch to open the door, and the door creaked open, I was met with the usual smile and warm welcoming that you can’t learn, it’s either in you or it isn’t, straight away I felt as if I was at home.

The layout of the pub to me is just magical, and during the summer months when you visit and the fire is roaring as you sit on the sofa’s with a nice pint, it would appear you could just stay there all day and watch the world go by.

However, today we where in July, Murray was playing in the men’s final at 2pm and to be honest if you had looked out of the window you would have done well to guess we where in July.  I had looked on the chalk board to see all the various dishes they had for the week, however I don’t normally have a large lunch so decided to go for something standard from their normal menu of Scampi and Chips.  It’s a safe bet, but I would need more fingers and toes to count the amount of times people have ruined such a simple dish, the other people dining had Roast Beef and Rump Steak along with my partner also going for the scampi.

As we sat down at the table and the food came out the first one of the thing I had drilled into me at catering college was “you eat with your eyes” and if that’s the case we where in for a treat, the scampi looked fantastic, the chips (home made) looked scrummy and the salad and dressing made the dish look a picture.

Over the other side of the table the Roast beef looked just right and the Yorkshire pudding was massive, I thought I was good at making Yorkshire puddings but this was in another league.  Then looking at the Rump steak and seeing the ease with which it had been cut through with the knife you could tell that steak would melt in your mouth.

It just shows you that these simple dishes when cooked properly, by someone with great knowledge and passion and the customer service to go with it this can take your eating experience to the next level.

I can well understand like myself why people just keeping going back and back to this place, it’s like a second home.

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