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  • Right!!! I don't put my foot in my mouth. I open my mouth to change feet. I owe Pat Haydon a sincere apology. He has solved the issue of HACkers receiving information from KOTM/SPOTY and our Patron Tom Bobbins cycled to join us for breakfast and cycled back to HQ with us. Pat, I will never doubt you again, a Donkey only bangs it's head once.
  • Had shitty little tear/knot in calf muscle for last 10 days. Unable to run, jog or pretend to be a Squash player. Could only cycle socially/gently. Just had a brief and EXCRUCIATING massage/treatment from Laura (Physio/Pilates at Heywood). Brilliant, am brand new League 7 watch out. Thanks Laura x
  • Pat Haydon. Just between us Pat. I as FM gave you two simple tasks for which I thought you were ideally suited. 1) Influence KOTM to join fb if only to keep all us HACkers informed. 2) Influence our Patron to join us occasionally, (I know the last time he got any pleasure from a "Bike" was pre Amy). Your success rate at present is none too impressive. I rest my case.
  • Good Morning, in fact a gorgeous morning. Right, the bloody "shopping bike". Before it is allowed to go to a Cycle Museum or worse go abroad...the Heywood Club is looking for a spot to mount the "shopping bike" for posterity.
  • Greg paddling while everyone else was up to ankles
  • Few snaps of hol pics .not to messy yet after day with mr ken bobbins
  • I am pleased to announce that I have finally got myself a road racing cycle. Bit of a bargain so I won't be slacking with my borrowed shopping bike.
  • Good morning!! There will be a HACkers ride leaving from the Club this Sunday (14th)@08.30am. The club will be open from 08.00 for refreshments, toilets etc... It will be the same 40 mile ride as two weeks ago with a stop at 25 miles which was a great success resulting in 2 new HACkers and one new race bike!! Please message me for further info or questions and I look forward to seeing you ALL on Sunday! Tom

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